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DR Dre Old School Swap Meet Megamix (1987) Download Side A :: Download Side B :: 60m runtime :: Each side about 27.7 MB :: WMA format

I felt like a kid in a candy store, or perhaps more appropriately, like a young wax in a vinyl shop finding tons of classic hip hop and electro records for cheap when I found this. I knew immediately I would share it on vocode project. This mix harkens to Dr Dre's days as a DJ before the NWA, gangster rap, Death Row, Aftermath life he's known for. Side A is a classic old school hip hop mash up style mix, and side 2 gets busy on the poppin and lockin electro business. Also peep this indepth article on the genesis of dre, nwa and a bunch of shit you never knew before, trust me its a must read. This mixtape doesnt really need any more words, just download that shit!

1. tracklist unavailable, but if you feel like trainspotting hit me up at arena917 AT excite.com and let me know the tracks